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Universal Digital Camera Adaptor
The best and easiest digital camera adaptor for telescopes.

QuikAdapt is the easiest to attach! Remove the rubber eyecup and QuikAdapt slides onto the top of your eyepiece and, with the turn of ONE knob, is firmly attached. No fumbling with multiple screws hopeing all are properly tightened. No tugging the telescope off target to test that the camera is firmly attached. No dropped camera because you're changing hands to get akwardly placed attachment screws.


QuikAdapt is the easiest to remove! One hand on the camera and one on the knob is all it takes. No tugging the telescope off target trying to see youv'e loosened the adaptor enough to remove! No dropped screws because you unscrewed them tooooo far! No dropped camera because you're changing hands to get akwardly placed attachment screws.


QuikAdapt is the easiest to use! QuikAdapt's easy-on, easy-off design lets you quickly switch between visual observing and photography. QuikAdapt's rigid design guarantees that the camera is in the same place each time you reattach it to the eyepiece. QuikAdapt is universal, it attaches to any digital camera by the tripod screw hole on the bottom of the camera. When you switch cameras, when you upgrade cameras, QuikAdapt is ready.


QuikAdapt is the easiest to adjust! QuikAdapt adjusts in all three directions (Up/down, left/right, in/out) independently. With QuikAdapt you spend more time photographing and less time fiddling! Easily adjust the eyepiece to camera lens spacing (a very important adjustment) to minimize vignetting!


QuikAdapt is the rigidest! Rigid 1/4 inch thick aluminum plate construction. QuikAdapt will support the heaviest digital camera without flexing, loosening, vibration. No hanging your camera off a wobbly rod, like other universal adaptors.


QuikAdapt works with the best eyepieces! Compatible with Televue, Celestron and Guan Shen (sold by many dealers under their house brand) eyepieces with rubber eyecup. Remove the rubber eyecup and the QuikAdapt fits in the eyecup groove.


QuikAdapt $79.95

(Eyepiece & Camera Not Included))


Prime Focus SLR Adapter $19.95
(QuikAdapt, not included, required to attach camera)

QuikAdapt What's included


  1. QuikAdapt and all hardware
  2. Instructions


QuikAdapt Manual

Using QuikAdapt for Eyepiece Projection with your DSLR


For DSLRs, prime focus astrophotography is the prefered method (see adapter below) but for planets and other small objects, especially with short focal length telescopes, the image may be too small to show much detail. Eyepiece projection with the camera lens removed from the DSLR provides a lot more magnification for small objects.

In eyepiece projection the telescope's objective lens or mirror creates a prime focus image just in front of the eyepiece. The eyepiece collects the light from the prime focus image and reimages (projects) it onto the sensor in the DSLR. The effective magnification boost (M) obtained by eyepiece projection is calculated from the focal length of the eyepiece lens (Fe) and the distance from the eyepiece lens to the SLR sensor (Ds) as


M = (Ds-Fe)/Fe


The smaller the focal length of the eyepiece (Fe) and/or the greater the distance between the eyepiece the SLR sensor (Ds) the greater the magnification boost from eyepiece projection. Ds can be roughly measured from where the eyepiece lens body joins it's eyepiece tube (the part of the eyepiece that slides into the telescope 1.25 or 2 inch draw tube) to the camera's sensor plane.

Prime Focus Adapter attaches easily to QuikAdapt

Use with your SLR camera for prime focus astrophotography