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Astronomy Projects for Amateurs, Educators & Students

Dr. Palmer of Rigel Systems, has taught lab and lecture courses in Astronomy as adjunct faculty (fancy way to say part-time) at El Camino College for 28+ years. During this time Dr. Palmer has developed a number interesting and innovative projects. These materials are copyrighted by Rigel Systems, but are free to download, use, print, copy, etc... for non-commercial use. Otherwise, we'd want a piece of the action! We'll be adding to the list in the coming weeks.

Each of the webpages below will overview the project, link to any online materials a project uses, link to a pre-project discussion text download (my lecture notes if you will), and link to the project itself. The projects are intended to be printed out and done on paper, not online. The pencil is still a mighty powerful tool.

Enjoy, and we solicit your comments/suggetions/critique at rigelsys0@gmail.com

Cloudy Nights
Clear Nights
Distance from Parallax
Distance from Perspective
Distance from Brightnesses
Hertzsprung Russell Diagram